Welcome to my website

Posted on Friday, 24 of December, 2021

Hi, this is The Madrugador, and this is my website.

I have decided to create this site to post some ramdom soykaf, nothing specific. In fact, I have absolutely no idea of what I should put here. Maybe I will post about some music, games, movies, phisolophy, computers, and whatever else I find intersting. The idea to create this website came after I started to lurk on random forums, and to surf on the internt (the real, alive part of it, so webrings and personal websites on neocities, mostly), so I got my inspiration from other like-minded people around the web. As I stated on my front page, don't expect anything of good to come from this website. I am still trying to familiarize myself with HTML, but I want to stick to a minimalst design, which basically means that I will not change the layout too much. I will do a banner too, and I expect to post some pixel art here. If you want to talk to me, send me an email at madrugador@tutanota.com. I think thats all I have to say for today. Thanks for stoping here.

See you, space cowboy.
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